10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Not Win the 2016 Presidential Election Number 5 Cracks Me Up



He is stuck-up

You can’t really say Trump is a good candidate because you really don’t know where he stands on anything. Donald Trump can say whatever he wants because he doesn’t have to back it up. Smarter candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who have experience, know that whatever you say now will have to be done later. Do you really believe Congress would approve a ban on all Muslims, or building all these walls Trump talks about? Not a chance. A ban on Muslims would also be challenged in court, and would be overturned with 100 percent certainty. Trump is actually the worst candidate because he understands the least about how governments work. A total lack of experience.

  • He doesn’t really want to be President, he just wants a platform for his ideas to be heard by everyone.
  • Not a fan of Ben Carson, but when Trump mentioned him in Dallas about Carson moving up in polls, Donald Trump was all “What about Me? “
  • He lazy so he shouldn’t be president.

He only cares about immigration

  • I don’t think there should be any restrictions against who can move into the US. Some people are in a troubled state and move to America for refuge, safety, and opprotunities. What we need is assistance to new immigrants who are looking for a new life.
  • I am drawing a political cartoon about that. I am an 8th grader, but I have the art skill of a 3rd grader.
  • Good point, but it only Donald trump would finally realize that.

He’s stupid

  • Trump isn’t stupid but he is a poor candidate because of his lack of experience. Like a lot of Republicans, he doesn’t seem to get it that America is a free country for everybody, not just those that look and think like him. He’s great at playing the media for attention because he’s done it for years. That is what he’s experienced at! Running a government? He’s never done it. Never. And he wants to start at the top? Sorry, Donald. Run for city council or school board.
  • Trump is a red neck pig with lipstick on. His lack of any rational though is apparent each and every time his mouth opens. He leads with his arrogance and closes with his “retard licking a window while chewing crayons” buffoonery. His history of how he treats women, staff and the American FINANCIAL SYSTEM- MR 4 BANKRUPTCIES TO MAKE MORE MONEY!
  • Americans deserve Trump… they made Trump because they allowed him to be where he is today… and now they are bringing out their lipstick and joining him. On the bright side… maybe it will prop up the Canadian dollar.
  • He doesn’t believe in climate change. My god, this guy is retarded. We do NOT want him for president!
  • “My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars.” – MontyPython

He’s racist

  • He calls Mexicans “killers, criminals, drug dealers, and convicts” and then tries to justify that by saying “I have Mexican friends.” Get it through your head Trump. You aren’t qualified to be president and especially not in the USA, the place with the most immigrants. – Madilinda
  • @Therandom He’s extremely racist, which is totally unacceptable. He wants to ban anyone that is not Christian and white from living in America. You can all call him misunderstood, but anyone who says Hitler is his favorite motivational speaker and wants to deport massive amounts of harmless, respectful, and legal immigrants has a serious problem.
  • He should be deported, not the Mexicans. My parents are Mexican and I will be sad if I loose them. Donald trump get a life and think about what could happen if you do this.
  • My best friend is Mexican and she is the SWEETEST person I know. Her parents treat me like family. I love them to pieces. Imagine what would happen and all those poor people going back with nothing, what are we doing?

He thinks he can fix the world’s problems

  • Sorry, the random. You can’t say he’d give us a better military. In fact, you can’t say he’d do anything because he’s only made two concrete proposals since he started his campaign. He would build a wall to keep Mexicans out (which would never pass Congress, it would be far too costly) and he would ban all Muslims (which would clearly be unconstitutional). Neither proposal would give us a better military. Obama is a constitutional lawyer, who understands LAW. Trump is a real estate heir and a casino owner. To compare their qualifications for president is like comparing the Kansas City Royals (Obama) with a Little League team.
  • If you think a stronger military will fix our problems, you are dead wrong. It will just create MORE problems. We already spend A LOT MORE than the rest of the world as it were.
  • If this guy becomes president and fights ISIS, oh may God know what will happen to us if he makes a stupid move. He would create more tensions with our foreign allies and coalitions and make us lose to ISIS.
  • He thinks he can fix the worlds problems because he can because he’s a beast.+

He’s a bully

  • He publicly humiliated a handicapped man by imitating his disability… Of course he’s a bully.
  • Though, I do not agree with Hilary’s ideas, he can NOT go around saying ”bye bye Clinton. I’m winning AND YOU’RE LOSING”.

He’s corrupt

  • Stinky ass bum dance poo hairless cat two faced man that reminds me of jekle and hyde.

He has little knowledge of presidency

  • Exactly. This guy has no political experience whatsoever, and yet he’s at the top of the primaries! What is this world coming to!
  • You already stated this in #4 if you can’t think of ten reasons don’t write an article.

He will fire everyone

  • He’s just gonna run around in the United Nations meetings yelling at the Queen of England and the Premier of China that their fired for disagreeing with him. Trump will also fire everyone with nukes. Literally. He will nuke them. He’s the Kim Jong of America – SirSkeletorThe3rd
  • In the US government, it is not as simple as hiring and firing in the cabinet. Unless, you do not want to follow the Constitution.
  • He DOESN’T want to follow the Constitution, banning all Muslims is not constitutional, but he wants to anyway.
  • This government is a failure right now, many do nothing people have to be fired in order for this country to move forward!

There are piñatas of him

  • I can think of several anime characters that can beat the hell out of those pinatas. Where should I start? I would definitely buy over 9000 of them just to see them get beaten by all the anime characters ever conceived.
  • Really? I’d really BEAT that thing if I ever got one. – BlueTopazIceVanilla
  • I’m using those if I ever need to have a fundraiser. Kids would want to beat the crap out of those pinatas in exchange for paying me to allow them to beat them.
  • This isn’t even a real reason of why he shouldn’t win you are simply stating a fact. If you are going to post something try to think of real issues not just facts.



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