Stars’ Embarrassing Secrets They Took To Their Grave


The start of the year gave us a start. Almost in succession, we’ve witnessed the passing on of some of the most iconic artists. Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Christopher Lee to name some of them. We look up to them, adore them and worship them. But our actors are as human and as quirky as we are, if not more!

Do you think you’d still have their posters up after knowing some of their best well-kept secrets?

Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman

Being the epitome of a professional, Rickman kept wearing the same robe and outfit for all 8 movies! He unashamedly informed the wardrobe department that ‘Professor Snape’ would give a rat’s arse about fashion and would think designer clothes an irrelevance.  Every attempt at getting him to update his robes was met with a stern look only Snape could give. You would think that no one, absolutely no one, on set was ever brave enough to ask him a second time. So imagine Rickman stalking and swirling around the set in between takes, no doubt muttering his lines to himself with that frighteningly furrowed brow, the least be worried about his old togs.

David Bowie

David Bowie

Fans look away now. We all loved Ziggy Stardust and we wanted him to be our Starman for infinity and beyond. He was a musical genius, cultural icon for a couple of generations and an inspiration for smashing down taboos and stereotyping of sexuality.  The truth, however, is that his early days experimenting with his sexuality and getting used to the rigors of global fame, seem to have made him far less than the lovable legend he will be remembered for.

There is good reason to believe that Bowie along with other famous rockers such as Jimmy Page, were sex offenders and pedophiles. New evidence is emerging that there were teenagers as young as 13 practically organized for the rock gods as if they could take their pick. These ‘baby groupies’ may have since stated on record that they consented to sex with Bowie and Page. But 13 year olds aren’t old enough to consent to such things?

Christopher Lee

christopher lee

Thought you knew Sir Christopher Lee? You don’t. Okay so he’s Saruman, Scaramanga, Wicker Man, Dracula, and, and, and…yes but that was acting darling. You didn’t know this amazing movie icon was actually more bad ass than James Bond in real life. Yep, he even was part of a Winston Churchill’s elite Special Operations Executive. This meant he did classified missions mainly against Axis powers and definitely included espionage, sabotage and recon. And do you know they were known as – The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

So my question is – why has this not been made a movie yet?!