The Islamic Method of Salah: How Did Dale Davidson Use it to Create Humility Towards Bosses and Co-Workers?


Over time Dale has become irritated with a lot of the advice he has received online, magazines and in contemporary books too. Because of this he has made the choice to start from the beginning and create lessons based on the most ancient humankind ideas which include religions and philosophies.


Dale Davidson puts focus on one ancient religion or philosophy each month. Every month Dale picks one core ritual and practices that. He does this because he wants to improve his life. Throughout these core practices he takes wisdom from the ancient humankind ideas that mean something in his own life.


Dale’s idea has much logic and it is quite simple actually. Over time systems such as religion and philosophy have changed over the years and they are very important, especially in the current century. The ideas that have stood over time have been able to stand because they still work in today’s time.


Why should you begin all over to search for a life’s answer to one problem, whether it be small or big, when you can look at other civilization ideas that have brought about a solution. Those who have developed these solutions have gone through a lot to find the answers so referring to them for help is going to be a great idea.


Nurturing Humility

Have you ever been in a workplace dispute with your friends? If you have then you are aware that many of these talks that you have with your friends involve complaints that you have about your co-workers or management members who have no idea what they are doing.

Businessmen fighting in the office

The comments made by you to your friends are understood by many all over the world. It is said by many that there are management members and co-workers that have no idea what they are doing and their only reason for doing what they do is to make you lose your sanity in your job position. However this is false so why is this statement said by so many people?

Naming your boss or your co-workers as no-good workers means that you are basically stating you are higher than they are when it comes to being a human. By naming them as no-good workers you are not helping anyone you are actually being lower than they are. You are not helping them to behave more appropriately and you are not helping them to do things right. Behaving in this manner is what is making you lose your sanity.

Islam means that you are providing a submission to God’s will. The meaning of Islam can help you to realize that you are not higher than everyone else. Based on the definition of Islam you should follow God’s will and not your own.

Islamic Prayer Techniques: Learning Dale’s Way


When you learn Islamic Prayer techniques Dale’s way you provide less attention on yourself and more on humility, an important part of human nature. In Islam nature humility is a major focus and is endured by having Muslims practice Salat (a method of praying five times a day). This method involves prostration as a physical act. In the Islamic nature humility is not only practiced toward God, it is practiced towards others as well.  When you criticize bosses or co-workers, this criticism is more about your own life than that of your bosses and co-workers. A famous Sufi poet, Rumi has stated, “The fault is in the one who blames. Spirit sees nothing to criticize.”

Throughout the practice of humility, Dale has found that he resides in a much happier and more content workplace that is less irritating. After practicing humility Dale now asks himself if he would be able to make the same irritable mistake as one of his co-workers or his boss, most of the time he can answer yes. When it comes to the managers of the company making decisions that he does not agree with he asks himself the same thing and again most of the time he can say yes.

By treating others with more humility in the workplace you will be able to focus and work in a more content workplace with more improved psychological and emotional environments. This will help you as well to have less venting time when it comes to hanging out with your friends.

Origin: Cal Newport