Grateful Kid Gets Chopping Board Present As A Prank. But What Happens Next Will Melt You





Kid: oh, wooden board! (smile)

Dad: What does it say?

K: It's nice, it is to put meat on it and cut it with a knife. Now I'm only missing a fork.

D: Yes but, what does the card say?

K: I've read it already, "for you to eat barbecue with your knife. We love you a lot mom and dad". Thanks!

Mom: You can use any fork (hugh) I love you.

- Other gift.

D: What does it say?

K: For you to not use Poxiran any longer (Poxiran :glue commonly used to glue snikers). Snikers!... I won't have to use Poxiran...

And then he sees the tablet inside the shoes box and cries, he did put quite stoic face and tried to look pleased with the first gift.. He is a good boy.